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What the In-Crowd Won't Tell You About Baking Soda


7 Things Not To Clean With Vinegar

7 Things Not To Clean With Vinegar - and homemade solutions to use instead!

Baking Soda and Vinegar Recipes for Sparkly Clean

Baking Soda and Vinegar Recipes to Clean Your Whole House

Uses for baking soda and vinegar -10 clever baking

We have put together 10 of the most popular uses for baking soda and vinegar. These ideas for baking soda cleaning and vinegar are so clever! Try them!

This Bathroom Cleaner Powers Through Soap Scum in

This magical bathroom cleaner powers through soap scum in seconds, and turns one of the germiest areas of your home into a clean and sparkling space! With only two ingredients, and a powerful track record, you'll understand why it's called the best homemade shower cleaner EVER.


Learn this easy trick to removing hard water stains and calcium buildup from faucets. Sometimes traditional cleaning methods don't cut the hard water deposits and calcium buildup stains. That's when you need this one trick. Hint; this faucet cleaning solution can probably be found in your cabinets.

Uses for baking soda and vinegar -10 clever baking

Here are 10 different uses for baking soda and vinegar together - All of these will easily help you save money, and some of them might surprise you!:

Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner DIY

If you want a cheap eco-friendly toilet bowl cleaner you'll want to check out this homemade recipe. Using vinegar and baking soda this toilet bowl cleaner is a stain removers and will clean those gross rings that appear. #toiletcleaner #natural #cheap

Using Baking Soda to Help Beat Cancer Naturally -

Use Dawn and Baking Soda to Clean a Smooth Top Ran

A simple mix of Dawn dish soap and some baking soda can make an effective cleaner for many surfaces, even your smooth glass top range. This is a guide about use dawn and baking soda to clean a smooth top range.