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Mushrooms in Jelly Cake

Mushrooms in Jelly Cake

Mushrooms in Jelly Cake This mushroom cake was mad

Thanksgiving Dessert Jelly - Gelatin Art

Gelatin art desserts are made by drawing creamy shapes in sweet, fruit-flavored jelly. Use pumpkin flavor and autumn colors to create an innovative Thanksgiving treat. Watch our free beginner class online at GelatinArtMarket.com

Ocean Island Cake With Stingrays - Jelly Art

This ocean island jelly art cake with waterfalls and stingrays was made with blueberry-flavored jelly and cream-filled stingrays. It's easier than you think! Find step-by-step instructions and recipes at: GelatinArtMarket.com

Orange Chocolate Cake

This classic flavor combo just become fresh!

Apple Macarons

Apple Macarons filled with caramel buttercream and apple pie filling #apple #macarons #frenchmacarons #caramel #cookies

Fried Shrimp Rolls

Fried Shrimp Rolls! Making sushi just got *so* easy! 🍀🍣🍀 Made out of cheetos and Pringles, what's not to love about this delicious deep fried appetizer?! Check out Chefclub TV for more cooking tips that the whole family will love!

Galaxy Macarons

Galaxy Macarons #macarons #galaxy #cookies #frenchmacarons #space #pastry

Edible Swan Lake Jelly

This swan lake scene was created by adding creamy swans in delicious, blueberry-flavored, sweet jelly. Learn how to make gelatin art desserts or surprise someone in your family with this creative starter kit for the holidays. GelatinArtMarket.com

Cookies con Confites

Flower Donuts

Springtime "donuts" made with gelatin, white wine, and edible flowers.


Mettez un peu de couleur dans votre vie (et dans vos cocktails) avec cette sangria salade de fruit ! De la fraise, de l'abricot, du kiwi, de l'ananas, de la myrtille... Toutes les couleurs de l'arc-en-ciel sont là ! 🌈

Mushrooms in Jelly Cake

Mushrooms in Jelly Cake