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My Natural Cure

My Natural Cure

My Natural Cure #NaturalHerbsForNervePain

Types of Knee Pain: Anterior, Posterior, Medial &

The Most Common Causes of Anterior, Posterior, Medial, and Lateral Knee Pain #Fitness

How to Apply KT Tape Basically Anywhere On Your Bo

How to Apply KT Tape Like a Pro

How to Prepare Your Knees for Long-Distance Backpa

Knee care from someone with crappy knees After a psychotic mileage increase during my college running days, I blew out both my knees and ended up in physical therapy, sobbing for the entirety of my  half-mile treadmill sessions because I  just. wanted. to. run. As  runners and hikers are aware, knee problems are among the most common injuries associated with endurance activities, carrying weight, and jarring descents. Luckily, there are precautions you can take to help prevent knee injuries a...

How To Recover From a Knee Injury

How To Recover From a Knee Injury

Meniscus tear treatment with 4 exercises to avoid

Learn how to do meniscus tear treatment without surgery. How to do a meniscus tear test, Which exercises you have to do and what the recovery time is

Ankle Mobility to Relieve Knee Pain

Strengthen and stabilize the ankle will help relieve and precent knee pain. #flexibilityexercises #strengtheningexercises #painfree #kneepain #knee #fitnesstips # exercisefitness #mobilityexercises

Printable Taping Instructions

Step by Step Guide to #SuccessfulKinesiologyTaping

6 Knee Strengthening Exercises For A Meniscus Tear

What I see when people are confused about knee pain is they act as though beyond squats and lunges there is no option. You’ve got an endless supply of lower body movements that are driven by the hips. Deadlifts, back extensions, hip thrusts, pullthroughs, Kettlebell Swings, You can even adapt your split squats, lunges and even your squats to involve a greater torso angle and more of a vertical shin. Working hip mobility as well. And that upper body. Don’t use pain as an excuse not to train

6 Knee Strengthening Exercises For A Meniscus Tear

If exercises like lunges and squats hurt your knees, you might be quick to blame the knees themselves. But just because that's the joint that's speaking up during your workout doesn't mean it deserves to take all the heat. Until you build up the surrounding muscles and start to feel better, avoid movements that feel painful or hard on your knees, check out a few lower-body exercises that will help you work the all-important knee-supporting muscles in a low-impact way.

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My Natural Cure