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15 Minute Lo Mein - Pinch of Yum

15 Minute Lo Mein - Pinch of Yum

15 Minute Lo Mein - Pinch of Yum ///

Chicken Lo Mein: 30-Min Authentic Takeout Recipe!

Chicken Lo Mein Recipe, by

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Chicken Pasta and Broccoli Skillet – Flavor overload! Make your own take-out at home with this super easy chicken recipe.

Asian Mushroom Ramen Noodles

Asian Mushroom Ramen Noodles. Simple, fast and extremely tasty, this is a versatile side dish for any Asian food.

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You can whip up these Asian-inspired noodles quicker than it would take for your take out order to arrive. Get the recipe.

Chicken Chow Mein

Easy to make Chicken Chow Mein is packed with nutrients and flavors that will rock your world. Tasty chow mein noodles, juicy chicken, shredded cabbage, carrots, onions, bean sprouts, garlic, and the perfect homemade sauce that is amazing!

Easy Lo Mein - Damn Delicious

Easy Lo Mein ~ The easiest lo mein you will ever make in 15 min from start to finish. It's so much quicker, tastier and healthier than take-out!

21 Vegetarian Dump Dinners For The Crock Pot

Spicy kung pao noodles are a cinch to whip up in just 20 minutes with the best sweet and spicy kung pao sauce. Easily add chicken, shrimp, or beef to amp this side up up to a full meal. |

roasted teriyaki mushrooms and broccolini soba noo

Maintenance (Sub 10 drops stevia for each 1 Tb honey) Roasted Teriyaki Mushrooms and Broccolini Soba Noodles -- Meaty mushrooms and hearty buckwheat noodles make this tangy-sweet stir fry so satisfying.

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15 Minute Lo Mein - Pinch of Yum